Becca - VelveteenArtistry.com

I'm sooo excited to make videos again! I was lucky to meet an amazing gal named, Becca, who is a makeup artist : )

Watch her show you how to do a smokey eye:


She recently used me as a model for a makeup interview and got the job on the spot! SUPER excited and proud of her.. Visit her at the Blo Out Lounge in Valencia to get pretty then give your hair a Blo job afterwards ; )

She is also an amazing Health Coach.. visit her page : )


St. Martin's Green Team Photoshoot

St Martin's Green Team had a photoshoot on the 4th of July with the puppieeeees!!! <3


Hittin Some Ballz | Luna | HERBALIFE24

Herbalife 24. That's what's up ; P

Message me for info on our athlete line 24! Also check out my site: http://www.SexyBeast24.com

I played softball from around 10yrs old til college. I was a pitcher and outfield.. I wasn't the strongest hitter! I haven't been to the batting cages in a year and I'm surprised I was able to hit the darn thing :D


Get SexyBeast24FIT with Mika | HERBALIFE24

Sooo proud and excited for my girl, Mika, for hitting Active Supervisor!!! Next stop.. WORLD TEAM! She is beautiful inside and out and is BEASTING away on her nutrition program at the gym!!! She literally has a PERFECT LEVEL 10 SEXY BEAST 24FIT body, holy moly- body I've ALWAYS WANTED! I'd love to have her height as well HAhaha.. *I"m only 5'2" and I'm guessing she's almost 6 foot.. 5'10" same thing.. haa. My back is still bum with widespread nerve pain going on, but I'm gonna push myself to get sexiez juuuuust like her cuz our Herbalife Nutrition Program Rocks, duh : P We are spreading the love and are on a mission to get everyone healthy and stronger, JUST like we are : ) YOU have the power to create your ideal lifestyle, and live healthy and happy.

Get sexy NOW, ask us how :D

x Luna


FIT CLUB Cheviot Hills Park | HERBALIFE24

This is what we dooooooo!!! Dodgball/Yoga/Circuit Training @FIT CLUB Cheviot Hills Park, Culver City- every Tues & Thurs!!! This is only 20% of the deal.. the other 80% is all about NUTRITION to = 100% Mindset, better health and results! If you are seeking a positive change, a healthier, active lifestyle and improving your WEALTH with HEALTH.. this is definitely something you want to be a part of : ) Build friendships, inspire, and find your greatness! Message me for times and about the 80% nutrition*Doesn't matter where you live, I gotchuu : )

x Luna SexyBeastCertified@gmail.com
StalkME http://www.facebook.com/herbalifelove

My Fit Club Santa Monica video is waaaay cooler! : )


Mad Hatter Tea Party | St. Martin's Animal Foundation

I started volunteering for a vegetarian animal rescue called, St. Martin's Animal Foundation! What's great about it, is that not only are they helping animals find homes, they are saving more lives killing less animals for food. It's also healthier for animals to be vegetarian, just like it is for humans! It is a 501c3 non-profit eco-friendly charity that educates students and adults about proper pet care, healthy and compassion. As a health coach, this is the perfect combo for me : )

We had a Mad Hatter Tea Party to help raise money.. it turned out great!

I made homiez with a magician while I was at The Magic Castle, and I was able to get him to come by : )